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If You Only Read 1 Article, Choose This. The #1 Reason You Are Not Fit

If your body is sick, you would likely adjust your foods and rest, right? If your body is injured, you wouldn't keep using that injury would you?

When your body is under stress, if you want to be healthy, you change your approach. When you have stress from work or home life, it affects your body!

High stress or moderate stress with low sleep or recovery leads to the following symptoms-

Immune system drops, hormones shift, cortisol (the stress hormone) floods the body, muscles and nerves get tense, tight or achy, posture negativity changes. Then you either get tired, fatigued, and unmotivated. Or, you go the other way and get more stimulated, have trouble sleeping, and get frustrated/angry easier.

We normally separate 'mind stress' from 'exercise stress,' but ask any expert, the truth is, your body has to recover from ALL of the stresses you place on it.

Your body doesn't get results when you're exercising (other than dropping water weight). Only after you're finished when your body is recovering, it actually changes your metabolism to lose fat and gain muscle tone.

Hopefully, the link between health and looking good is starting to make sense now. Your body gets results when it's recovering and it can't recover properly with too much stress. Stress comes from things like being sick, injured, stressed from work or home life, OR from the wrong exercises or foods.

You cannot avoid all stress. The key to being in good health is to only take on as much as you can recover from. Think of it like a credit card. Any work you do that creates stress, you can recover from and keep your stress balance low. However, if you start working more and you do not increase your recovery, you will be in debt.

All exercise creates some stress or else your body won't change. We approach exercise different. We give you exercises, foods, and activities that actually take off more stress than it adds! You will get healthier and out of stress, thus giving your body the ability to get results.



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