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Jesse Posture Fitness Coach

Step #1  Write two specific goals for yourself. A goal you think is realistic and the goal you wanted if you knew you couldn't fail. (No swapping bodies!). The best way to find out what will work is to stop doing what doesn't work. 


Step #2  Aim to lose 1-2 pounds of fat per week and gain 1 pound of muscle per month. Faster results create stress which lowers metabolism


Step #3  Keep Your Metabolism High.

Your body adapts. Whatever exercise and diet you did last week, your body will be used to it this week. You have to do a little more every week to maintain results. If not, your body's results will slow and eventually stop even if you are exercising and eating healthy.

Why does your body gain weight easier than it used to?

Your stress hormone 'cortisol' is elevated, your metabolism is down, and your body has adapted/gotten used to your exercise and diet. 

If you have the will with the right nutrition and exercise program, achieving your goal is actually simple. The real key and the most difficult part is maintaining your results so you can always feel good in your body!

I teach you what you need to know because maintaining a healthy body is always easier than slowly trying to get one.


This is an investment in yourself, I’m not only going to get you in shape. I’m going to Simplify what you need to know so you can do it on your own– for the rest of your life!

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