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Jesse's Fitness and Wellness 
Nutrition, Posture, Injury Recovery

  • Proven education and Results!

  • Get in the BEST Shape of your life!

  • Eliminate ALL aches and Pains!

Nutrition. Posture. Motivation


"I've worked with Jesse for a bit over four months and lost 25 lbs!  I also went from 20% to 12% body fat.

In addition to all that my hip pain has improved dramatically. "-Alex T.

Hi, my name is Jesse Gaynor and I’m a Personal Trainer.

I have 14 years experience as a fitness trainer and degrees in nutrition, exercise science and post university studies in physical therapy and postural alignment (degrees from University of Southern California USC).


I work with a variety of populations. Everyone from Business professionals and their wife’s or husband’s looking to find expertise with health and fitness. To elderly clients that want better strength, posture and help with eliminating aches and pains.


AFTER 1 SESSION- you will have noticeable results in the way your body looks AND (if you have aches/pains) you will feel noticeably less pain or none at all!

I’m willing to say this because of my experience and track history over the years.


I offer a free consultation session done remotely for anyone that is interested in being a client!

If you want someone with trusted experience, education, and results try me out.

"Since I have been working with Jesse pain from injuries I had in my

shoulders and knees has been drastically reduced.  I've also lost 20 lbs. and 10% body fat!" -Gilad K.

nutritionist santa monica

Results and Reviews

The Program

injury recovery santa monica

5 Star Review


If you're looking for a trainer who understands your goals and adjust based on your lifestyle then Jesse is the guy for you. I had recently developed a hip condition due to over training and poor movement patterns (thanks Crossfit) and needed someone who understood body dynamics and did more than just show me a routine and yell at me while I worked out. In addition I wanted to lose body fat and improve my strength.

Jesse took a holistic approach and adjusted both my diet and created a work out plan that worked for me.  Jesse was able to boil things down to simple and practical concepts. Many of the things he recommended are cutting edge and the results speak for themselves.

I've worked with Jesse for a bit over four months and lost 25 lbs and went from 20% to 12% body fat. In addition my hip pain has improved dramatically. The workouts were very different from anything I've done before, but we focused on form and alignment to reduce reliance on over worked muscles and strengthen underused ones.
I highly recommend Jesse and trust his advice. 


nutritionist santa monica

5 Star Review


Jesse is absolutely amazing. His technique leads to complete integrated strength throughout the entire body.


He is highly skilled in assessing his clients and implementing a myriad of different work-outs that train specific muscle groups to completely change posture for the better. He works with strengthening unused muscle groups, increasing endurance and balance, while assisting you in increasing bodily awareness and embodiment.


Working out with Jesse is tough, and also like a fine-tuned meditation inside the body. He also recommends diets that are absolutely amazing -- increasing your energy and vitality while trimming down your waist. His knowledge of herbal medicine and supplements are exceptional. I am a Naturopathic Doctor in the Santa Monica area.


Jesse is my personal trainer and I recommend him to all of my clients who are looking to optimize their health -- because I know that he can get anyone in shape, in the most efficient and holistic way.


About Me
injury recovery santa monica

Hi! My name is Jesse Gaynor and I am a master trainer, nutritionist & injury prevention specialist with 13 years experience.


I have a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from USC with a specialization in Exercise Science and Nutrition.

I love what I do and have a passion for helping clients find the inspiration, tools and habits to achieve their fitness, and well-being goals for a vibrant and fulfilling life.

You can often find me doing the rings, walking the slackline or having fun doing AcroYoga at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. An avid meditator and mountain-biker, I love the outdoors and enjoy dancing like a goofball.

Whether your goals include: losing weight, eating better, getting out of pain, lowering stress or getting in peak shape, please accept my offer for a free one-hour, in-person consult

Specialties in Fitness Training: Jesse is a master trainer with the use of Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, TRX Suspension training, circuits, supersets, dynamic sets, reps and tempo, bodybuilding, physical therapy for mobility, rehabilitation, structural integration for posture and pain management, trigger point therapy, sports medicine muscle release technique, Qi gong for pain management, powerlifting, functional movement training for gate pattern, high intensity interval training or burst training (HIIT), treadmill, spinning, elliptical, row machine, swimming, stability ball, bosu ball, resistance bands and cables, plyomentrics in power, speed, and agility, foam rolling, boxing, primal movement, sport specific training, marathon training, Spartan Race and Tough Mudder training, Senior Fitness, Elderly fitness, fitness for older people, nutritionist, physical therapist, physical therapist for seniors

Specialties in Nutrition: NASM certified, specialties in paleo, vegan, vegetarian, whole 30, local, gluten free, Mediterranean diet, low carb, bulletproof diet, atkins, keto, fermented foods (apple cider vinegar), supplements, hcg diet, cleansing and detox diet.


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