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Jesse's Fitness and Wellness  
Nutrition, Posture, Injury Recovery

  • Get in the BEST Shape of your life!

  • Eliminate ALL aches and Pains!

  • Customized Nutrition plan from an expert nutritionist!

fitness trainer santa monica

5 Star Review


If you're looking for a trainer who understands your goals and adjust based on your lifestyle then Jesse is the guy for you. I had recently developed a hip condition due to over training and poor movement patterns (thanks Crossfit) and needed someone who understood body dynamics and did more than just show me a routine and yell at me while I worked out. In addition I wanted to lose body fat and improve my strength.

Jesse took a holistic approach and adjusted both my diet and created a work out plan that worked for me.  Jesse was able to boil things down to simple and practical concepts. Many of the things he recommended are cutting edge and the results speak for themselves.

I've worked with Jesse for a bit over four months and lost 25 lbs and went from 20% to 12% body fat. In addition my hip pain has improved dramatically. The workouts were very different from anything I've done before, but we focused on form and alignment to reduce reliance on over worked muscles and strengthen underused ones.
I highly recommend Jesse and trust his advice. 


personal trainer santa monica

5 Star Review

Jesse is absolutely amazing. His technique leads to complete integrated strength throughout the entire body.


He is highly skilled in assessing his clients and implementing a myriad of different work-outs that train specific muscle groups to completely change posture for the better. He works with strengthening unused muscle groups, increasing endurance and balance, while assisting you in increasing bodily awareness and embodiment.


Working out with Jesse is tough, and also like a fine-tuned meditation inside the body. He also recommends diets that are absolutely amazing -- increasing your energy and vitality while trimming down your waist. His knowledge of herbal medicine and supplements are exceptional. I am a Naturopathic Doctor in the Santa Monica area.


Jesse is my personal trainer and I recommend him to all of my clients who are looking to optimize their health -- because I know that he can get anyone in shape, in the most efficient and holistic way.


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