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3 Exercises To Eliminate Back Pain

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Back pain is the single biggest musculoskeletal issue for good reason. WE SIT TOO MUCH! I'm going to give you the exercises now, AND help your body out and figure out how to move more instead sit down all day.

Here's a couple ideas: Alternate standing desk, seated on a stool, seated on a stability ball, get up and take water breaks every hour, get a customized ergonomic chair (ask me for the best ones) do my '5 exercises at work to be pain free.'

Just standing is better then sitting, but moving and changing how you move is better.

Here's your exercises:

1. Static abs 5-45 minutes

low back santa monica

2. Hooklying gluteal contractions

knees santa monica

3. Hooklying pillow squeezes

shoulder santa monica



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