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Nutrition, Posture, Injury Recovery

  • Get in the BEST Shape of your life!

  • Eliminate ALL aches and Pains!

  • Customized Nutrition plan from an expert nutritionist!


Below you will find some answers to the most commonly asked questions I get around Health and Wellness, Fitness training / Personal Training, Nutrition and Injury Recovery.  


Also feel free to call me for your FREE consultation at 310-804-9801

Health & wellness:

It’s important to me to be healthy as i know i’m going to get older (or are older) and i want to look and feel my best. What is something i can do?


Remember the ‘Jesse Pyramid of health.’ The foundational base (and most important) is sleep and stress. Next up is hydration.. Then nutrition. And lastly is exercise. Follow this in priority and you will be healthy.


Fitness/personal training

What type of exercise will give me the muscle tone and strength i want?


It’s important to realize muscle can only do 2 things, grow or shrink. The ‘toned’ look of your muscles comes from building some muscle with an amount of bodyfat that shows your muscle ‘tone.’

Any exercise or activities you do that is not specifically geared towards gaining muscle will not get you to your goals most efficiently. Strength training with weights is the most effective way to grow muscle. Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. Once you grow a bit of muscle the next step is getting your diet right to lose bodyfat so the muscle tone can show.



I eat pretty healthy, but if I’m honest with myself i need accountability to get the results i want. What type of diet do you recommend?


Your optimal diet is not static. It should be adjusted every week as your weight, bodyfat, and metabolism changes. In addition, the best diet is the one you follow! Your nutrition needs to be realistic and sustainable for you to get to your goals AND stay there! I will help you with a grocery list, sample meal plan, snacks, etc.. will adjust your diet as needed to get you results!




I have occasional aches or pain in my body and it’s never fully gone away so I’ve learned to live with it as normal. Can you really get my body pain free?


Yes! Your aches or pains are caused by your body being misaligned which puts too much pressure on specific areas of your body like your low back, neck, knees, feet, wrists, shoulders, etc. Once we align your body through exercise, pressure will be evenly distributed throughout your whole body thus eliminating ached or pains.

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